Code Comparison

Please help me providing steps to compare packages between Production and Development servers.

We are trying to find differences between both environments.

Thanks in advance.


I had to do code comparision before and have done it in a hard/unconventional way.

View the flow services from both the environments as html from Developer, and compare them with a text comparator tool (editplus,notepad++…etc)

This has helped me find out the differences.


On Unix, you could copy over the two /packages//directories and do a recursive diff (diff -R ) between the 2 directories. There are also diff tools for windows.

Long ago, I wrote a package that compared packages between servers. While the code is not available, I’ve put up a presentation up that shows how it works:
(Slide 10 onwards)

Thanks Sonam. Your response is very helpful.

I will try comparing by using copy method. But I would be eager to know the process writing a flow service and comparing codes.

Hi RDG - This system basically queries remote IS instances for the packages they have, the version numbers etc. Next, it allows you to drill down and select packages to compare on the servers. To implement this, I took advantage of a Unix-based shortcut: the flow runs a Unix command of the following sort to get checksums of source-controlled files in a package:
find / -name <file_patterns> | xargs md5sum
To make this portable, you could instead use Java functions to find and checksum files instead. The data returned by the remote calls is then collated and massaged for comparison as shown in the screenshots.

Thanks Krishna. We need to compare all custom built packages. Probably it’s going to take sometime.