command line database restart

Hi everyone,
I need to restart my tamino database with a batch procedure. How can I perform this job by command line?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Gab,
Use the argbatch commandline utility.
Something like this should work if you run it on the local machine.

argbatch set environment product=Tamino user=domainXX\UID password=verysecret
argbatch stop database database=mydb
argbatch start database database=mydb

Thanks Finn!
It works great!
Another question for you. Is possibile do the same thing (database restart) via HTTP using an HTTP call?

Thanks again,

Hi Gab,
No - at least not to my knowledge :wink:
But the argbatch can be installed on another machine, so you can initiate the restart/backup etc etc from a remote machine.