start Tamino on Linux

I have a small problem I cannot lunch tamino on Linux, what should i configure or which command should I run to start Tamino

Thank you

Fady Kaddoum

You can use the ‘argbatch’ utility. The syntax to start a Tamino database is:

argbatch start database database=mydb product=Tamino user=xxxx password=yyyy

where user/password is the username and password of a Tamino administrator.

What’s wrong with using the System Management Hub (SHM) for this purpose? Try using Netscape 4.72, which is the most stable version I have used so far under Linux. In the SMH set the database to autostart mode and you will have it ready after reboot.

Gerald Ristow
Tamino R&D

Yep it worked with argbatch
Thx a lot

Fady Kaddoum

Hi Gerald, actually I have some problems with the system management hub on Linux, I’ll take your advice and try to use 4.72

Fady Kaddoum