Argbatch does not work on Linux.

Hi Taminoes,

When I try to start mydb on Linux via argbatch, the following error occurs:

Command started at: 2004-05-17 15:22:14
Target ‘ctfei.LANNT’ is unknown (‘ctfei.LANNT’ possibly not registered as IP Address in hostlist)! Please
use the SMH gui “add host” command to add ‘ctfei.LANNT’ to the list of managed systems.

Error on read: (ARG0115) Host has closed connection

Command ended at: 2004-05-17 15:22:14

This target is defined either in \etc\hosts and SMH’s Managed Host List.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance, Ito


Could you try to specify the ip-address directly in Argbatch. See how it responses.


Hi Tony,

This didn’t work even with “”, “” and “localhost”

The same message appears.

Good try!

Thanx, Ito


Have also a problem with argbatch on linux(SLES 8).

When I first start “argbatch”, the tool complained about missing libs. I copied the needed libs to the /lib directory. Now, “ldd” returns all libs found.

But if I want to start the tool, it returns a lot of trace output:


Thread (2) <<Init Thread>>
Signal 11 at PC 0xe accessing 0x8
System Error Code 1

DS    0xbffff224   ES    0x08057524   FS    0x00000000   GS    0x00000000
EDI   0xbffff5c4   ESI   0x0000002b   EBP   0x00000013   UESP  0x00000023
EAX   0xbffff268   EBX   0x00000007   ECX   0x00000000   EDX   0x0000002b
CS    0x00000004   EIP   0x0000000e   EFL   0x08049f49   SS    0x00010246

Sync Term: Stack Backtrace (S):

Thread Start SP 0xbfffee7c - Current SP 0xbfffe988 - Page Size 4096

Dump Stack from 0xbfffe000 - 0xbfffefff

0xbfffeff0  4007b7f8 bffff020 40084d5c ffffffff

… and so on…

How can I fix the tool? Is there a other way to start my database via command-line (have only ssh access to the server).


Thanks a lot