Restore tamino database using commandline

I want to writer a ANT target named “restore” to fulfill the following purpose :-

  1. Restore from a back up Tamino 4.4.1 database.
  2. The name of the database and connection information should be taken from properties file.
  3. Restore of the database should be performed according to standard restore procedure for Database (if it necessary stop and delete/rename existing database, restore database with required name from backup).
  4. Latest database backup should be taken from default Tamino backup path.
  5. Command should return result of the database restore command.
  6. All procedure should be performed as one process/command without interruptions.

I am not getting the right way to solve it can u please help me.

Thanks a lot.


The command line utility for these things is ‘argbatch’, for example:

argbatch restore database database=mydb


argbatch create dbfrombackup database=mydb backupspace_0=AAB00001001270458009.1B0

You can use ‘argbatch show commands’ to see the available commands, and then add ‘help’ to any command to see what the parameters are.