Command Central throwing errors while connecting to MWS

CCE is monitoing MWS server properly. Atleast it show that MWS is up. But when I click on the MWS Server link on the overview page, I get the following error in the logs. Am I missing any setting?

2016-01-04 06:52:53.432 EST (com.softwareag. … .ExceptionHandlerTools ) [SPM.ExceptionHandlerTools.SPMRMCE0004] WARN: Error: (id: 1451908373432) No primary or HTTPS ports are found for MwsProgramFiles-DEV_MWS_02; component and its parent/child relations. caused by:
2016-01-04 06:52:53.432 EST (com.softwareag. … .ExceptionHandlerTools ) [SPM.ExceptionHandlerTools.SPMRMCE0004] WARN: No primary or HTTPS ports are found for MwsProgramFiles-DEV_MWS_02 component and its parent/child relations.

And on the browser window I am getting

GET http://:<SPM_PORT>/spm/configuration/data/MwsProgramFiles-DEV_MWS_02/COMMON-ADMINUI returned a response status of 500 Internal Server Error

Currently I am using 9.9 version.

Arpan – Do you have all latest fixes on your system.


No, latest fixes are not installed.

FYI, IS does not have latest fixes, but it is not throwing any error. I can see the overview page on clicking “Integration Server” link. But IS component has “Nerv” and “Event Routing” where as MWS does not have “Nerv” and “EventRouting”.

Looks like you need to refresh CC cache with MWS inventory and configuration information which is currently empty or stale, likely because MWS instance was not created or starting using CC itself.

In CC Web UI:

  1. Open Installation Overview page where MWS is installed and click refresh icon for Instances table
  2. Open MWS_default > My webMethods Server component Configuration tab > select Ports and click refresh icon for at the Configuration tab. You should see MWS’s HTTP/S ports
  3. Open MWS_default > My webMethods Server component Overview tab and retry clicking the Admin UI link
    You may need to refresh your browser window as well, if the link still does not work.



I have received this below error -

“SPMCOME0007: /opt/softwareag/webMethods82/product/WM99/terracotta/profiles/SPM/…/…/MWS/server/DEV_MWS_02/config/cluster.xml (No such file or directory)”

Is this path a valid one: /opt/softwareag/webMethods82/product/WM99/terracotta/profiles/SPM/…/…/MWS/server/DEV_MWS_02/config/

It looks very odd.

If yes, does MWS run with an external RDBMS or internal Derby DB?
Do you have latest MWS fixes installed?

The error means the cluster.xml file could not be retrieved from the database which typically happens when MWS runs on Derby which is a very restricted use case.
If you’re running MWS with oracle/sqlserver/db2 then cluster.xml should be retrievable.


cd /opt/softwareag/webMethods82/product/WM99/MWS/bin
mws -s DEV_MWS_02 getconfig cluster.xml

check if …/server/DEV_MWS_02/config/cluster.xml is retrieved.
If yes, refresh MWS Ports configuration from CC Web UI again.

If you continue to have troubles please open support ticket.


Hi Sergei,

Thanks for your reply.

The folder is just a dummy folder I have used. And yes, I am using derby DB. So, as you said, with derby DB we cannot open overview page of MWS. Am I correct?

You can make it work with Derby, but you need to help get cluster.xml from Derby DB which does not allow two clients to connect at the same time (MWS runtime and SPM runtime)

  1. stop MWS DEV_MWS_02 instance
  2. extract cluster.xml from db by running “mws -s DEV_MWS_02 getconfig cluster.xml” from MWS/bin folder and leave it there. With Derby use this file can be on the file system and not in the db as it does not have to be shared with other MWS cluster nodes.
  3. start MWS DEV_MWS_02 instance, wait until it is ONLINE
  4. refresh My webMethods Server ports configuration from CC Web UI. Ports configuration should now successfully load from cluster.xml and CC will be able to create SSO link to MWS on the Overview page.