-- not able to connect withLDAPS Users

Hi Team,

Right now we are migrating from 9.9 to 10.7.
We are logging into IS and MWS with LDAP users. Right now I am not able to IS with ldap users.
I have configured the Resource with correct URL. https://XXXXX:8543/services/SAML

One thing.

IS and MWS are on different VMs

Errro Message:

I am getting below error in IS Server log.

[12352]2022-04-20 15:14:45 CDT (IS.SERVER.ISS.0024 ) [ISS.0024.0001] ERROR: (tid=394) Could not initialize User Manager.
[12351]2022-04-20 15:14:45 CDT (IS.SERVER.ISS.0024 ) [ISS.0024.0010] FATAL: (tid=394) Central User Manager initialization failed with error : Required system property is missing:

I have searched a lot but I am not getting where to configure this mws keystore path.

Hi dpinninti,

Hope IS(Centralusers- JDBC pool) & MWS configured with same DB and migrated successfully. also verify UM configured as JMS provider in MWS.


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