Codepage get Cyrillic into SAP

Dear all,

we connect order Order Management (Mainframe) System via MQ/Series and webMethods to SAP 6.0 using MQ- and SAP adapter. As we have Russian colleagues working with the MVS (i.e. maintaining Russian ItemMaster descriptions) we need to synchronize Cyrillic texts.
MVS is single byte
SAP is unicode

How can I transform in webMethods the MVS- string into a nicode IDoc?

Hope anyone can help.



Find out the encoding of your MVS, it should be one of the ISO-8859-* encoding.
write small java code to convert encoding between ISO-8859-* to UTF-8.

Hi Tongwang, all,
what do you think about service convertTovalues (parameter “encoding”)? Could this be also an appropriate way for conversion? Unfortunately we don’t have real JAVA ressources. We used the “paint” functionality in the developer. Or can anyone procide correct coding?



bytesToString or convertToValues (passing an InputStream or a byte array–not a string) and specifying the correct encoding used in the bytes is indeed a good way to convert.

Possible character encodings for Cyrillic listed at

ISO8859_5 - Latin/Cyrillic alphabet
Cp1251 - Windows Cyrillic
Cp855 - IBM Cyrillic
Cp1025 - IBM Multilingual Cyrillic: Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovinia, Macedonia (FYR)

There are others. The key is to get the encoding/code page being used by MVS from your Russian colleagues.

I’m not sure if the conversion to/from EBCDIC will be handled by this but hopefully this is enough to get you on the right path.

I am facing an issue regarding russian character decoding.
The result of a http post call to java service is converted to string in byteToString and the encoding is set as UTF-8.
But the company name is in russian characters and this is showing as 77|2|МИÐ?ИСТЕРСТВО ЗДРÐ?ВООХРÐ?Ð?ЕÐ?ИЯ И СОЦИÐ?ЛЬÐ?ОГО Ð Ð?ЗВИТИЯ РФ.
I have tried with other encoding options likeISO8859_5,Cp1251,UTF16 but no luck.
Please note that other data in the xml is coming fine.
Please guide how to resolve these russian character issue.

Find out from the source of the data what character set they are using.