Code Repository for 10.3


I am using webMethods 10.3. I want to use Code Repository, can you please suggest me which is best for this version or Do we have any documentation available?

Is it good to use GITHUB or Tortoise?

Does anybody have installation and set up document?


Alok Suman

Hi Alok,

as Tortoise is only a Client to connect to a Code Repository like GIT or SVN this should not matter.

For connecting to a Code Repository you can choose any Repository Vendor for which an Eclipse plugin exists, either in Eclipse Marketplace or directly from the vendor.
Just add this plugin to your Designer installation and configure the repository location.

See “Working with Designer Guide” as well as the “Setting up VCS Feature” Guide for further informations.
These should be available in the Documentation sections of Empower.


Be sure to understand fully the things that the “VCS Feature” does not do before venturing too far down that path.


the current “Setting up the VCS Feature” Guide covers both variants, the package-based variant on remote IS, which is very limited as it only support quite few VCS systems, and the Local Service Development version for Designer with local IS, which can be used with every VCS systems for which an integration plugin for Eclipse is provided (see my previous answer).