Client receiving empty payload

has anyone encountered an issue where the client is receiving an empty payload . On Tn console the transation goes to a WaitMDN stateand then errors out. The client say they dont see the payload -the content lenght they receive is 0.

Did you check the outbound EDIINT message see if it has payload/Inputs shows correctly and Tasks (DONE) no issues there?

Also you can check the latest EDIINT fixes and see if any issues raised on this?


The Payload is there but the tasks is “Failed”. Looks like the service does a post, goes a waitMDN state and after while is erroring out. The error too is not clear…failed due to %header/status%…which gives me no idea.

That means the doc was not delivered to your TP. What status code you see and IS logs? So you may need to troubleshoot if http network issue/firewall related inhouse/Partner side as well:


They clent receives the envelope with the disposition notification, sender info/receiver info. The EDI content is what is missing.

I will probably check to see if it a network related issue.

Can you please increase log level and try the transaction? You should be able to get lot more details and would help in troubleshooting.


Did you check the logs that time any socket failures? yes could be network/transport issue? service that does the final processing of the EDIINT had its HTTP service replaced with a custom service by another team and that was causing the error as this custom service was not able to handle data as stream.
We replaced it back to pub.client:http and it is working now.

Thanks all for your time!!

Here you go…Glad to hear it got fixed: