checkUser ABORTED

The Problem is when the partner submit using

When they submit the document, the document is recognizing and posting in the trading network successfully. But the processing status is changing to “ABORTED” and the error is : The user that posted this document (Default) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.

In the activity log, the user is “default”

The customer is posting thru https,

Created User on TNPartner group and provided username and passwrd to customer…

No certificates.

According to the error, it looks like “Default” user does not have proper priviledge and most probably is not part of the group TNAdministrator it is failing in TN.

Notice that there is a clause in Trading Network Built-in Reference document. For version 8.0 documentation, you can get it here: service:
This service ensures that the sender of the document matches the current user. If you are
sending documents from within processing rules or services and this identify check fails,
Recognizes an XML document and submits it for processing.
This service does not check the identity of the sender against the currently logged in user.
Only invoke this service from within processing rules or services; do not expose directly
to trading partners. Trading partners should use

Possible Solution
Solution to this could be in 2 option:

  1. Change related service to use instead of

  2. Assign “Default” user to TNAdministrator group. But by adding this, you might need to review if there is any security impact to your system.

And please check if “Default” user or a proper user has been created in TN - partner ID. If they have, try mapping the partner ID to the IS user by using and try again.

Hope this helps.