checkUser ABORTED

The Problem is when the partner submit using

When they submit the document, the document is recognizing and posting in the trading network successfully. But the processing status is changing to “ABORTED” and the error is : The user that posted this document (Default) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.

In the activity log, the user is “default”

The customer is posting thru https,

Created User on TNPartner group and provided username and passwrd to customer…

No certificates.

It will show as Default user only…By default tn:receive wont allow access directly unless it is changed to Anonymous.

check this thread also:


Thanks for the reply.

Will check it and let u know.


Hi rmg,

i am not supposed to change ACL to anonymous as tn.receive service is protected and nobody cannot directly post data to our server…

can u suggest me anything else

Yes…Did you look that thread also?

Increase the log level (DEBUG) as well proxy side and are you seeing any errors while TP connecting?

What is your IS/TN version?


Don’t let outside systems post directly to tn:receive. Create a gateway service. Refer to [URL] for additional detail.

Yes I agree…Or else have a IS Proxy (Reverse Gateway setup) with http/s and have them connect to tn:receive gateway in your Integration landscape:


we developed a generic service for receive, like

which includes, The, replicates, where we disabled checkUser.

i think it is not right process to do as we are letting any customer to post the data and we are not checking for the user.

when i decompiled the java code for the tn.doc:checkUser

it checks for :

User u_me = s_me.getUser();
/* 1435 / if (u_me == null) {
1436 */ throw new ServiceException(SystemLog2.clientFormat(3, 1031));

where is getuser in the WmTN package, i dont see it.

How is getuser works

package version:

IS 7.1.3

Do we have any fix for it?

You shouldn’t be compiling any webMethods built in service comes with standard install…

I know IS713/TN712 has issues with checkUser and should be some fix associated …So either disable this service per that article or open incident/ticket with SAG support that can resolve in a better way:


Ok. thankyou.

If possible can u letme know some details about fix and i can raise a ticket for SAG support.

No fix details on top of my head…you can raise a ticket: