Check To See If IS is Running

We have Optimize for Infrastructure going and the IfraDC is happily reporting back data to the analytic engine and I can see this data via MWS.

While I can check lots of different data, checking that the server is actually up is escaping me. At first i thought I could do something like set a rule to check when RAM or port usage drops to zero but when a IS stops reporting data, this isnt seen as a “zero” so the rule doesnt get triggered.

I briefly heard an idea about having a scheduled job on the IS publish a document with an up or down status in it. I guess that would work but seems a bit of a workaround and also the IS isnt passive in this exercise.

I was hoping checking if a server is up would be the most basic task optimize could achieve for us, is there something I am missing?



This was a setting I used when Optimize for Infrastructure was called Manager. I suppose this will still work. IIRC, this came out of the box as one of the groups of settings for IS.

1 interval of OMIIntegrationServer ObjectStatus.reading.value = 0.0

ah ha, that has it, in the new version the OMI prefix is dropped so its just

  (IntegrationServer/Object Status by Integration Server/Reading_Value) = (0)

thank you!