check in + update content

I send a “check in” request to webdav server, but how to updated content with this request? or I have to use “put” request later.


A simple scenario is as follows (uses the check):

1) PUT a.txt (resource “a.txt” is now)

2) VERSION-CONTROL a.txt (“a.txt” is under version control; to retrieve the associated history and version PROPFIND the properties DAV:version-history and DAV:checked-in)

3) CHECKOUT a.txt (“a.txt” is now checked-out and can be modified; the checkout state can be verified by means of a PROPFIND’ing the DAV:checked-out property)

4) A sequence of PUT a.txt and PROPPATCH a.txt (to modify it)

5) CHECKIN a.txt (a new version of “a.txt” has been created; alternatively, UNCHECKOUT would be used to forget all the changes performed under 4.)

Does this help?

Sorry, I submitted my previous posting too quickly!

I wanted to mention that the above scenario uses the so-called “checkout-in-place” feature of DeltaV. Other scenarios are possible using either of the “workspace” or the “working-resource” features.

BTW, the CHECKIN request cannot update the resource by itself.


It works. Thank you.

But I have one more question: when I send all the requests to server, how the server do the user authentication? Do I need to send user id/password with every request?



Hi David,

the current version of Tamino WebDAV Server (TWS) does not yet support authentication & authorization. These features will be available with the next version by end of this year.

Once the server supports authentication:
Yes, you have to send user & password with every request. In the case of BASIC authentication (which will be supported by TWS) this is done by sending an HTTP header of the form:

Authorization: Basic blablabla

where “blablabla” is the base64 encoding of the user:password string.

Of course, as TWS is based on the Apache/Jakarta products Tomcat and Slide, you could activate one of the available realm implementations (UserDatabaseRealm or SlideRealm) to obtain authentication - but it may become a bit tricky. Please refer to either the Tomcat documentation at or the Slide mailing list at (archive at

As stated before:
The TWS-specific realm implementation will be available with the next release and will be easy to configure.