access via XML: DB and security configuration

i’ve installed the tamino XML-server on a win2k platform and a apache webserver running. i’ve created a database/collection (authentication=webserver) and wrote an application to connect via XML: DB API. all works fine until i enable the apache basic authentication within the apache-httpd.txt

<Location /tamino>
SetHandler ino
AuthName "Tamino"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile "/Programme/Apache Group/Apache2/users/.htpasswd"
require valid-user

from there the XML: DB getCollection(url, user, pw)-method cannot find my database but before it does. ok i know, that without enabling the webserver-auth a ‘blank’ username and password were transferred.

now, what is to do? change the tamino-auth from webserver to tamino? and what are the next steps e.g. to authenticate a user named testuser with password testpw?

please help me out!


Hello Thomas,

in principle you have two possibilities. First use the Apache authentication and second use Tamino authentication. If you use the Apache authentication, you have to create a password file and add the users that should be authenticated to this file by using the htpasswd.exe tool of your apache installation (can be found in the ‘bin’ folder). In this case the Tamino ‘authentication’ property has to be switched to ‘web server’.

If you like to use the Tamino authentication, don’t configure your web server for using authentication. Define the users with password in Tamino via e.g. the Tamino Manager/Tamino/Databases/myDB/Security Manager/Users and change the Tamino ‘authentication’ property to ‘tamino’. Now Tamino authentication should be enabled.

regards Eckehard