Apache httpd entries for authentication using tamino


I am looking for entries to make in an apache config file to use Basic authentication and use “tamino” as my authentication option for my tamino database, to save my passwords in. (I do not want to use the “web server” authentication option). your help is appreciated.



Hi Amit, I have an interest to know how. Did you figure it out? Thanks, Eric

Hello Amit and Eric. In order to use basic authentication and store the userinformation in Tamino, no special settings need to be applied to the Apache config file. You simply add at least one administrator to the list of Users via the Security Manager in the System Management Hub and then you can set the authentication mode to “tamino” under the XML Properties. Make sure that the user which you use to log into the SMH with is also in the list of the Tamino users under the Security Manager, or you will not be able to administer the security settings via SMH once the authentication mode is set to “tamino”. When the mode is set to “tamino” all incoming requests are authenticated via the HTTP Basic authentication scheme. regards, Heiko