Error on accessing server with authentication


I’ve configured tamino-webdav with authentication turned on (by un-commenting the appropriate bits in web.xml). However, when I access the server as any user except “root” (users I know are defined correctly), I get the following 404 error (on any resource which exists):

"The requested resource (Not Found: No object found at /administration/security/users/msmith) is not available."

Now, if I (as root, since that’s the only user that works - it’s defined in Domain.xml so it gets created on startup) create a directory (MKCOL) in /taminowebdavserver/administration/security/users/username (replacing username with whatever user I’m trying to make work), it all works fine for that user.

However, this directory doesn’t seem to be persistent, so if I have to restart the server, I have to do this again. That’s ok (if annoying) with one user, but I’ll have tens (at least) of users, so it’s impractical.

Note that this behaviour does NOT occur with the tomcat bundled with tamino-webdavserver. I’m running it with Sun ONE (version 7 - the freely downloadable version), since a client wants this. Everything else is working except for this. (Aside: Sun ONE uses catalina for the core of the servlet engine, so it shouldn’t be too dissimilar).

Any suggestions or fixes? Has anyone else tried this (tamino-webdav with Sun ONE) and had any success?


Hello Michael,

did you use the latest community version V314?

This version does not fully support security yet. The next version (possibly released this year via CD or starting next year via the community) will fully support security.

Best regards


Yes, I am using the latest released version. I’m aware that it doesn’t officially support security, but security does work (in practice) quite well with tomcat.

Hello Michael,

In general this is true, the V314 is prepared for security. We decide between authentication (this is missing in V314) and authorization (this is available in V314).
If you want to get your users persistent (I believe, they are stored in the MemoryStore in your environment), you would need to define them in Domain.xml (please have a look at the end of this topic entry). Are you doing authentication too?

If you want to use the new version of Tamino WebDAV Server (V411), you will get complete and integrated authentication and authorization support. This version is available on CD and very soon on the community too.

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Domain.xml example: