Changing EST to GMT


We happen to notice that in one of your clients machine the time setting in a config file generated from webMethods show as “(07:00:10 EST)”. The same file is generated as “(07:00:10 GMT)” in other machines.

I was wondering where I could change the timezone information

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Is it coming from the server clock?


What OS is this occurring on? webMethods just pulls the timezone information from the OS (via the JVM). The following java code will display timezone and time info, perhaps run it on both machines and verify the differences (this will take webMethods out of the picture):

import java.util.*;

public class gettime
	public static void main(String[] args)

		System.out.println("Use Daylight "+ TimeZone.getDefault().useDaylightTime());
		Calendar rightNow = Calendar.getInstance();
		System.out.println("HOUR " + rightNow.get(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY));
		System.out.println("MINUTE " + rightNow.get(Calendar.MINUTE));




To change the timezone for the JVM, you could do the following:

*** UNIX
Add the property “-Duser.timezone=GMT+10:00” to the shell script →
export JVM_TZ

… run Integration Server


*** Windows
Add the property “-Duser.timezone=GMT+10:00” to the batch file → server.bat and run from the command line prompt.
If it is on NT server and is registered as a service, then it is a little more trickier - you have to hack the registry to add this parameter to the JVM augments (as changing the server.bat will have no effect).


That’s a good way to do it at an IS basis. You could also change your .profile, but that would apply it to all instances running on that machine running under your application account.

There is a way (flow svc) to change timezones in developer if you just want to validate application times against a cerain timezone (I suggest GMT). That way you can keep your IS time as whatever you want, but then have a common (GMT) timezone to validate against.

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our server is running as windows NT service. I tried to look through the registry setting but couldn’t tell which setting need change. Can you let me know where in registry I can apply the timezone setting?


I have an issue here.

The Server is running in EDT… When I get the date from JVM using the client code, it is correct and in EDT… returns correct date time in EDT.

Now when I get a document, I see two different dates… One in Doc Tracker (this is a broker document)… which is being sent… and A different Date in IS (in Pipeline)…

It looks as if IS is thinking that the date in document is GMT, and it is resetting it to EDT… (but the date I am receiving is in EDT)… How do we control date on Broker?

Hi All,

I found this subject relative to my issue.

I have a customer who is sending the datetime in CTT (China Taiwan Time). But my system requires it to be in GMT format.

Problem here is, though the datetime is in CTT format WM is considering that as EDT format and accordingly it is converting it to GMT format.

Is there any service or possibility to give one timezone as input and get the datetime in another time zone.

Thanks in advance for the responses.

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