Time problem since Winter Time change

We have a natural subprogram on BS2000 using the *TIMX primitive to get the real time of a transaction made by the user. When calling this subprogram from Nat UTM, time is right, but when calling this subprogram through an RPC server from a web client on Solaris, the time is wrong (+1 hour).
This problem occurs since we change from summer time to winter time, before this everything was OK.

Is there a special parameter for RPC that we missed ?

Thanks for your help


Hello Guillaume,

you should check the Natural profile parameter TD.

Thank you Rolf, we will check.


For information, with our version of Natural (3.16) and RPC (6.2), the TD parameter was well positioned (AUTO). But if you change the System time, the time is not automatically changed within the RPC’s, you’ll need to restart all RPC servers. Without this restart, the time will not change.