System Date

One of our Users regularly complains of incorrect date on his reports. I found out that the date on his PC was incorrect because he has changed the date on his PC a few times.

I dont understand why Natural is using PC date rather than the date on our Natural Server. If so, can this be changed thru any Natural setting on NATPARM etc…?

Is there a way to make Natural use the Server date instead?

We have Natural running on Win 2000 Server and Adabas on Sun Solaris under Entire Net-Work.



Sorry for asking. But what do you mean with “Natural Server”? Aren’t you using an ADABAS-Server connected to a NATURAL client?

No - we have two severs, a Win 2000 Server for Natural and a Sun Solaris Unix Box for Adabas.


My understanding (please correct me, if I’m wrong): You got a Natural Server on which the programs and Parameter-Modules are stored. The Natural-Client accesses these files by mapping the regarding directories as a network source (or similar).

The Problem is that the code is only taken from the server but executed on the Natural-Client. So *DATX and *TIMX contains the system date of the client. At the moment, there’s no way to execute a Natural Program remotely. Exeptions are SPoD nad remote debugging, but that are development tools.

From my point of view the easiest way would be to synchronisize die System dates by RTP.

Problem ??? yes, i did the same problem time ago, my solution:

an external subroutine o subprogram, that obtain the date of the database, with command GetDate or Date, it works very nice.