Natural 4.1.2.PL17 / Date

I hope I’ve come to the right place.
I support a company that still works with Natural 4.1.2.PL17.
The server is a WIN 2003 (not connected to the internet).
Very old plotters and special dot matrix printers are controlled via this software.
The programmer died many years ago. I have been looking after the network environment and the client computers for a long time. I am able to set up the clients again with the Natural 4.1.2.PL17 software and other associated components. The server is regularly backed up with TrueImage Server. I have an equivalent test environment at home. But I have no programming skills.
Now I would like to adjust the date for a stock.
If I am right in this forum, I would post details. I have not found a German speaking forum yet.
Thank you very much for your interest.
For now, I’m just asking if I’m in the right forum.

Yes, this is the place to ask questions about Natural, but version 4 is quite old, so our answers may not be entirely accurate. :slight_smile:

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Yep, go ahead. Some of us are also quite old, and some even speak German :de:
But in general we write here in English so that everyone can participate.

Thank you for welcoming me here with my strange request. I have the following request. I would like to change the inventory date (Bestandsdatum) for many items at once.
Software and system:
OS: WIN 2003
Software: Natural 4.1.2.PL17.
Database: ADABAS V3.1 / ADABAS SQL Server143

As I already wrote. I am able to install the software on a client PC. For all WIN 32 and 64 bit systems. I also know how to map printers (using the Natural 4.1.2. Configuration Utility).
The server (not connected to the internet) is backed up with TrueImage. I am not able to install the software, database, etc on the server.
I am also not a programmer :frowning:
But I did the MCSE ages ago :slight_smile:

I would like to find out where I can change the date for the items in a stock master list (Lagerstammliste). E.g. for the calendar year 2024 to 02.01.2024
I think it is done via the database…?

The whole system is still running because a few very historical printers, plotters and dot matrix printers are connected. Pure nostalgia…, I know. Thank you for your interest

I have already changed the date here

do you have a tool called “Natural Studio” or “Natural for Windows Development” installed? To create or modify programs, you need a development environment.

When I call up natural.exe, a development environment opens. It is called ‘Active Enviroment’. Is that what you meant?

That looks right for the older versions of Natural. In that code editor panel on the right side of the screen you would likely need to code a database access loop that accesses the backend ADABAS table(s) and updates the database column on the subset of rows/records.
Experimenting and testing the update code to validate it has the desired effect would be typical using your “equivalent test environment” before attempting the updates in production. Ensuring you are comfortable with the backup (especially of the database) and being able to restore it it needed to reverse out a failed update attempt would also be recommended.


Thank you for your message. The server is always completely backed up, so nothing can happen.
I already thought that programming knowledge is necessary. I leave it as it is and enter the date in the input mask for the respective articles. This is rarely needed, so it’s no trouble at all.

But it is interesting for me to get to grips with the software. The installation on modern Win11 computers was very tricky. Due to certain access restrictions to certain folders, nothing worked at first. But then I realized that I had to pay attention to the following:
The folders (C:\sag\NATAPPS) ETC, PIC, PROF are created, but no data is stored in them. These must then be copied from an existing installation into these folders.

Maybe it is of interest :wink:

Best regards