DateTimeFormat Issue

Can anyone help me on the below DateTimeFormat conversion issue.

TargetFormat: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX
SourceDate: 20101010100018

The date value i am receiving from the service output is
TargetDate: 2009-12-27T10:00:18.000Z

I dont know what is the issue? Can anyone help me on this please?
I can write a Java service but still trying the understand where the issue is.


I think some issue with the date on your IS server itself and can you first try with getCurrentDate (yyyy-MM-dd)service and see what it returns?

Based on the above you can figure out why the target date is returning 2009 date.


Thanks RMG for the reply. Obviously i have expected your reply :smiley:

I am using version 9.9. I have tested it already getting 2019-01-09. I am getting wrong date only while using datetimeformat :frowning:

What is the fix levels?

Any reason for passing yyyy and YYYY formats?

Check this ios - Difference between 'YYYY' and 'yyyy' in NSDateFormatter - Stack Overflow

Thanks Mahesh. I changed the source format to yyyy. This works for me.

TargetFormat: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX

Cool. My pleasure :slight_smile:

I have a requirement in my project, I receive large record in flat file.
I am using convertToValues for validating the flatfile.
Is there any option in convertToValues to retrieve the valid records as well as the error of the failure records.(i.e I need converted document of valid records and errors of failure records)

For eg. I have 5000 records, After validation out of that 4500 records are valid and 500 records are failure. I need 4500 records as document and rest 500 records errors list.

Is there any build in service in webMethods for the above kind of validation or do we need to write a custom service?

You can build a custom wrapper service around convertToValues to validate each item in the list.

I would suggest you create a new thread/post for this issue (as the subjects does not match) and with some sample data for both valid and invalid cases.