Date formate in EDIValues output from ConvertToValues


I am testing a service for Inbound 850. After convertToValues flow step, I find the format of BEG05 is MM/DD/YYYY instead of YYYYMMDD in EDIValues. What input should I change to make convertToValues keeps YYYYMMDD format.

Look in the 850 FFSchema for BEG05 format,yes it should be in YYYYMMDD format…how is the source file data coming in BEG05??


Thank you, I checked the schema. I found it using wm.b2b.edi.util.formatServices:formatDate8 as format service. I bet that formats the date from YYYYMMDD to MM/DD/YYYY.

As seems to be the case more often than not, the answer you seek is in the documentation. Review the EDI Module User’s Guide, section “Configuring How the Format Services Convert Field Values.”

Yes! it works. Thank you very much, Reamon.

Keep in mind that the format settings within the format.xml file are global–they apply to every call to convertToValues and convertToString for EDI.