Float values getting formated differently in EDI string

I am creating a EDI document which has some float dollar amounts in the format (00.00). But when i execute the wm.b2b.edi:convertToString service all the float amounts in the document are converted to exponential format (xEy).
Is there a way we can keep the amounts in the same format as passed?
The ‘formatInfo’ field in the service is supposed to be used for that, but what is the format that this parameter takes?
I tried passing in the complete EDI doctype to it, but it did not help?

Is there something i am doing wrong?


Hi Shantanu,
Whenever one posts a problem, one should always mention the IS/TN version and JVM version at a minimum. Though based on the type of problem, you will need to also specify what platform (Windows/Solaris…), What DB version etc…

So, which WmEDI version is you using? There are various fixes available for different WmEDI versions.

Please check advantage and its knowledge base, known issues, etc… to see if there is a fix avalable for your WmEDI version?



IS/EDI stores standard formattings applies in the builtin edi services in this config location …/packages/WmEDI/config/format file.

Unless you wM admin guys accept this change,you can change the default EDI format settings located above and this requires reload of WmEDI package along with some precautions.

Also please look into the Bhawesh mentioned suggestions aswell.


RMG / Bhawesh

The settings in the …/packages/WmEDI/config/format file did the trick.
Setting to be changed -

Thanks for the help.

Good to know it worked.

I have a issue over here. Can i define customiezed format service insted of changing the existing one?

I want to have one more format service along with the existing one.
for example.

along with

I also want to assign this format service to a given field.



Yes you can create a customized format service and then assign it in the existing Dictionary/Schema for that particular field.Ofcourse you should also see if this change effects any of your other maps.

Some times there are cases where we need to update formattings in the EDI schemas esp for quantity/pricing fields etc…

Please see the ISFFSchemauserguide for more information.