timeZone current time in Tamino


I’m executing the function current-time(), but the Tamino response is not in my timeZone , for example:

In my current country time is -------------> 17:00
but, current-time() delivered ------>21:00

And my machine timezone is set as GMT-4, however Tamino dateTime is set as GMT (2005-12-14T21:00:00.001Z)

Is there some Tamino parameter to manage this issue? or this function always returns the time with GMT-0?

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The curent-time() function returns the current time adjusted to the implicit Tamino time zone, which is UTC. Due to this adjusting the time zone would help. Unfortunately this is not possible.
Another more preferable solution would be to use the XQuery functions to adjust date time values to a given time zone. The problem here is that these functions are not supported by Tamino 4.4. But I would suggest to contact your Tamino support and ask for these functions.

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Thorsten Fiebig

Would it be possible to convert all of YOUR dates and times to UTC? I have found that to be the better approach - to store all date/time info in the DB in UTC so that it doesn’t matter where the DB server is located. This has been a problem for us with SQL DBs in particular, since each SQL DB seems to do different things wrt DATETIME column types. Some have timezone support, some don’t (some just don’t work right). Our Java app ends up just storing the Date in the DB as its millis-since-the-epoch long value.

When I did the port of our DB support to Tamino, it was really nice to be able to store the dates in the ISO 8601 UTC format. Not only does it make it more obvious what the time actually means, but if all dates/times are in that format, they are very easily sortable (using simply stringn comparison).