Changing Broker doc type

I need to change the name of the Broker doc type which picks up by default once you change the publishable = true. How can i change that name. Any clue??

Advanced thanks for your help!

Disable any trigger associated with that document, make that document publishable = false. Change the name and then make it publishable again.

When you disable the trigger, it takes away subscription/queue for that document on the broker and when you make that document unpublishable then it takes that document instance out of the Broker.

Thanks for your response but I did the same but its again taking the publishable Doc Type as default name space generated by broker admin convention.

But did a tactical solution for the same. Created the folder structure that i need to and got the name space that i need and then copied to different IS(as the same doc type cannot exist in single broker) and then changed the webMethods document name so that the namespace of broker document type is different than the default.

I read another workarond of creating ADL file from broker manually tweaking the same also but never get a chance to do that.