Removing Associated Broker Document Type

Hello all,

I have the following problem in wM 6.1 & Broker 6.1. When I create a Document on IS1 called “MyPublishable” and make this publishable it is pushed to the Broker. Now when I create a new Broker Document Type on IS2 called “MyAssociatedPublishable” and select “MyPublishable” from the Broker I will have the document from IS1 on IS2. The problem is that I cannot rename, delete the “MyAssociatedPublishable” document on IS2 after I created it. Does anyone know how to do this from within wM, without having to go to OS level and remove the namespace?

Any help is appreciated.


Remove all client group publication/subscription for the broker document. Then make the “MyAssociatedPublishable” document on IS2 non-publishable. Now try rename or delete operation on the IS2 document. It should solve your problem.

Thanks Akash,

This does not work, I even tried removing the doc completely on IS1 without luck. In my scenario I actually use an Adapter Notification which creates the publishing document which you cannot make “not” publishable.

Any other suggestions?


Have you tried to use WmBrokerAdmin? You have to delete the subscriptions to the document first, then you can painlessly remove the document.



This indeed works for normal broker documents, but not for notifications.


I looked this over again against your original question. Indeed, I can delete the document as you suggest. As far as renaming the document, you can rename the document itself, but the pointer to the document under the publication properties is usually something like this:


If you delete a document and then recreate it, the original document is often still on the broker, unless you specify that you want to destroy it when you hit the delete button.

I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do, but two things are important:

  1. The namespace to the document that you use in your flows must remain constant.
  2. The Associated Broker Document Type doesn’t matter because this is how the broker IDs the document. You use the namespace in the Integration Server space to route documents through the triggers.

Hopefully I clarified a few things for you and perhaps if not, then send me an email with more specifics and then once we hash it out, we’ll post the solution.