Changing a reference document

I’m working on version 6.1 and I have to change the name of a document (DT) which is used in a couple of map flows as a document reference. When I’m doing so, it asks to update the according documents but it doesn’t seems to be working fine. It actually will update the Input/Output portion of the Flow where the reference is called but it won’t affect the code itself and the maps. If I edit the according xml, it still points to the old name.

I don’t think it was like that on earlier versions.

Does someone knows something about this?




Once you changed the DT name and then it prompts and will show all the references then you should click the “UpdateAll” button.So changes will takes place and work as expected.


This is exactly what i have seen in 6.1; I guess, this is the way it is supposed to work… thats the feature

I know that you have to hit that button!!! I just did another test and I actually it did update the maps but when I edit the XML document of the flow, I still have some reference to the old document.

I have the same problem when I rename the folder containing the document that I’m referencing to, although I DO HIT Update All.

Another problem that I have too is when I want to copy the whole folder containing some sub-folders, flows, maps, DTs, etc… In this case, when I rename my parent folder, it seems that the map flow that was copied ALWAYS refer to the Document Reference from the previous location (copy from location)…even if you delete this one afterwards!

Seems like a lot…do you follow me?

Sometimes you have to re-load the package when making such changes. However in my experience when renaming documents it doesn’t update the actual mapping itself. I normally do a search and replace on the xml itself to get around it. Do backup the original xml first though.