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I am having a problem in changing the directory structure which using flat file dictionary & schema. when I rename the directory in which flat file dictionary or schema resides, the references inside of them are not getting updated with the new directory structure. after i rename the directory structure and opened the flat file schema i am seeing the reference field as “reference not found”. Because of this problem, when i rename the directory, i need to create the flat file dictinonary and the schema all over again in the new directroy structure. Can you please suggest a way to reflect the directory changes in the reference fields in the flat file dictionary. any help is greatly appreciated.

No shouldnt move the dictionary location to another folder as it will still reference to the old folder path this is the default behaviour.But if you change anything in the dictionary the Schema references will gets updated automatically…Even i have faced the same issue earlier but sticked with the same folder option and moved on.


thanx RMG. But in my project there are frequent changes to the folder structures. I am planning to take out the flat file dictionary and instead of that i will directly create the records in the flat file schema.

once aging thanks a lot for you reply.

Yes that is also another option use only by Schema…But i prefer to use Dictionary as well Schema since basic dictionary functionality is to store all the data fields/references anywhere if required.


Please read this post made by percio castro;

At the time I started this thread, I also submitted a SR to webMethods. Their response is below:

"After discussions with our Product Development teams we concluded that this would be a new feature, rather than a fix. It’s already been added for 6.5 and we won’t be releasing it as a fix for 6.1.

To achieve what you want to do - you can do that via the services in pub.flatFile.generate. First call getFFDictionary as XML. That would provide you with an XML string that represents the flat file dictionary contents. You could do a search and replace on the record(s) that you want to rename. Then you can use the saveXMLAsFFDictionary service to create the ff dictionary with the new record names. I can’t remember if that service will overwrite an existing dictionary or not… If it doesn’t, just delete the dictionary then re-create it."

“…this feature should have already existed in 6.1. This is a bug that has been corrected in 6.5. Unfortunately our dev. team does not want to provide a fix for 6.1 as there is a workaround available and also as many customers are moving towards 6.5.”

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Thanks Shubro for the reference!!yes it exist now in 6.5