Change secure_storage location/name

I have installed two Designers: 9.12 and 10.5.
Both stored IS configuration under user home directory → .eclipse\\secure_storage.
And there is a conflict. During starting 9.12 a have an error: Storage Exception. Salt must be 8 bytes long.

I think it means that Designers use different hash algorithm method.
In my opinion solution is to change secure_storage file name or location.

How to do it?

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Hi Tomasz,

I have noticed this behaviour too, but unfortunately without a solution until now.


Hi - Both these version can co-exist without issues. The general behavior is, the secure storage entries created by lower version of Designer can be successfully decrypted by Higher version of Designer, but this may not be true the other way.

Please make sure to create entries by 9.12 Designer and that can be used by 10.5.

To your original question:
please start eclipse.exe with following to specify any secure storage location explicitly,


-Thanks, Sanjib


Sanjib’s solution worked for me and in my case I had recently installed version 10.5 and I had version 9.8 from awhile ago. What you will have to do though is back up the old one by renaming it so that it creates a new one, it will prompt you for recovery questions and answers as well.

I kept the old one around just in case, you don’t really have to if you don’t want to but I did it for safety reasons.

Thank you for posting your answer Sanjib, I would not have figured this out on my own.

One would have “thought” that Software AG would have put the files in the workspace area which I did create separate workspaces for so that I wouldn’t end up with issues like this. I ran into a very similar issue with Enterprise Manager for UM as well, there is a KB article for that issue as well to keep your realm config’s separate as - “surprise!”, it uses the exact same filename in the exact same place! I think I will mention this in the Brainstorm area for having the installer detect an already existing installation and say “do you want to re-use what you have or create a separate new space”.