Change installation path

I want to install centrasite on the D: drive in Windows. So I use D:\SoftwareAG instead of C:\SoftwareAG and D:\Program Files\Software AG instead of C:\Program Files\Software AG

So I expected that all CentraSite files are installed there. But I saw that there are a lot of files(e.g. Tomcat) in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Software AG

How can I change that location? Is there a nice way to change?

I try a lot, but at the end only CentraSite works and not System Management Hub. I get (404 Not Found)

Hi Bastiaan,

I could find out the following for you:

System management hub can be installed only once on a given machine. Installing a new SMH version will detect the old one and will update it. Directory change is not possible. In case the machine get the first SMH the directory can be changed but not for all files. Certain files will be installed under the “All users