CentraSite CE - Windows 8 Pro - Unable to create organsiation because of a deadlock situation


I installed the community edition on a windows 8 pro machine but was not able to create an organisation because the while defining the organsiation administrator, on clicking the create user button, the search user dialog box was opening up thus restricting the Administrator to only search users. However, If I understand correctly, while define an organisation that does not have any parent, the org’s administrator will have to be defined in the same add organisation screen.

On the other hand, if I try to create a user first, then that user has to be created in an organisation which means that I will have to create it in the default organisation but since a user can exist only in one organsiation, it will not appear in the search user dialog box in the add organisation view, thus creating a deadlock.

Request you to please confirm if I am doing anything wrong or there is some issue with the image/product?.



Hello All

Got my head around how it works.