CentraSite behind Inbound Proxy problem

We have CentraSite installed on a server that is behind an inbound proxy. To use CentraSite, from the browser we go to https://centrasite..nl (SSL port 443) which is a node on the proxy. The proxy routes the requests to http://:53307 on the CentraSite server.

With this set-up, the Asset Catalog screen does not show properly. All the icons / little pictures in front of the asset types do not show up (see attached picture). When using a http sniffer we see that the browser sends requests for the .gif files to the address:


See attached logfile. Clearly those .gif’s cannot be found because the proxy server does not listen to port 53307 (only to 443).

How can I change this behaviour?
output HTTPFox Centrasite 2.txt (11.6 KB)
icons not found.jpg

From the provided information I assume that the fix level needs to be increased. The configuration of an inbound (reverse) proxy should work fine with CentraSite 8.2.2 hotfix 18.

Another possibility reason could be an incomplete URL mapping configured in the inbound (reverse) proxy. The following sample shows how the URL mapping looks like in Apache configuration syntax.

ProxyPass         /PluggableUI            http://cast-host:53307/PluggableUI
ProxyPassReverse  /PluggableUI            http://cast-host:53307/PluggableUI
ProxyPass         /CentraSiteReportEngine http://cast-host:53307/CentraSiteReportEngine
ProxyPassReverse  /CentraSiteReportEngine http://cast-host:53307/CentraSiteReportEngine
ProxyPass         /CentraSite             http://cast-host:53305/CentraSite
ProxyPassReverse  /CentraSite             http://cast-host:53305/CentraSite

Unfortunately the 8.2.2 version seems not (yet) available as a Community Edition download…

It seems that the instructions from the server to browser, about where to get the *.gif’s, are in the body of the responses from the Connector servlet. All would work well if there were relative paths used. Why is there a hostname and portnumber in those instructions?

We solved this by setting the listening ports from 53307 and 53308 to 80 and 443. By doing that the CentraSite server and the Reverse Proxy listen to the same port numbers and the instructions from the CentraSite server on where to get the images do contain a port number that the Reverse Proxy listens to.