CentraSite API to retrieve a custom classification in a CentraSite asset

I define a custom attribute (is a classification) in the Operation asset type in CentraSite. Does anyone know an CentraSite API that can retrieve the custom attribute value?

CentraSite indicated that the Operation asset type is a predefined JAXR type. Is there an JAXR API that can return the attribute value? I would appreciate any information/experience you may share with me.

My thinking is to use a flow service to call a Java program to return the custom attribute value. Thank you very much.



for a start check out tutorials here: http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/pwiki/-/wiki/Main/Tutorials+for+CentraSite+API+for+JAXR

Let us know if that helps or you need forther help from us in terms of code samples


In fact I might have misled you my original intention…

What I truly wanted is to find a way to pass the classification value to Mediator in runtime when a web service is called. The classification contains the types of web service operations (e.g. get or set). In the pre-request processing step, I want to execute a flow service based on the classification value. If the operation is “get”, I want Mediator routes the request to the native service. IF the operation is “set”, I want a flow service writes the operation details to cache before routing it to the native service.

There are some pre-conditions:

  1. I have no control of how providers specify their service and operation names. The assumption is that I cannot dissect/infer the operation type based on names.

  2. I want to isolate the Mediator from CentraSite. I don’t want Mediator to reach CentraSite in runtime to obtain this classification value.


The issue got resolved.I make the authentication to false in property for SMTP setup then I receiving the mails

I want custom message in send Email notification I found ${entity.name} which give actual service name.I just want to know entity.name what are other operation is available for entity object,it will great if you provide some documentation where I can find all the operations of entity object