Need Help with Custom Action using Java

Hello Centrasite Community
I am new to the Centrasite. We are working on creating Custom Action Categories/templates using java.
Here is an initial scenario we are working on:

We have an asset type called “TEST TYPE”. It has the following attributes:
test1(String), test2(String), testClassifcation1(Classification), test3(String), test4(String).
User would input the values of test1, test2, testClassification1 in Centrasite UI to create the asset.

I need to create a Custom Action (in Java) to do the following (post-create, post-update scope):

  • Get the value of ‘test1’ and assign it to ‘test3’.
  • Get the value of ‘testClassification1’ and assign it to ‘test4’ (make a string from classification object).

The Java source code is attached.

Main problem is: I didn’t see any API where you can set the value of a string (or other basic types) attribute for a CentrasiteRegistryObject.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Also, when you do “System.out.println” in the code, where does it show up?? Is it in the Policy Log or is in the file system (\log)?

Sathish. (3.05 KB)