Anyone putting non-webMethods services into CentraSite?

I have done some searching of this forum and could not find if folks are utilizing CentraSite with non-webMethods services.

Has anyone imported MQ services? Java services? Code Blocks?

If so, are there any best practices for non-webMethods services?


Hi Raymond,

you can register such artefacts in CentraSite by creating custom asset types. That way you can add attributes that you are interested in to manage and show to your users. The question would be how to load/extract metadata from your existing sources. But you can add custom importers that extract data you are interested in and publish it.

For MQ - There seems to a capability to create MQ Service Definitions in MQ Explorer which ends up in a WSDL. That should import into CentraSite just fine with the ootb importer.


Thanks Daniel.

So a custom type is required to be created then? I understand what you are saying regarding being able to define the attributes you want to make available. But this option is therefore only available in the full version of CentraSite (create custom type, create custom importer).

How would one utilize the CE version for non-webMethods services? (beyond those that could be imported as WSDLs)


ok - CE was the missing piece of info.

CE doesn’t allow you to create custom asset types. So you would have to map it to the out of the box asset types.
Custom importers would be allowed even within CE. For existing sources not described by WSDL you could use the JAXR or CS Application Framework APIs to load them into CS. There are some JAXR tutorials on our wiki site: