Central User Mgt failing

Hi - on a development system, I’ve got OpenDS for LDAP, MWS, IS and a Broker.

Further testing shows that if I add the MWS role to the IS ACL (that my LDAP user was added to via MWS console), that works fine.

However, that does not meet my requirement - which is to use a LDAP group without the extra MWS bit.

(I would think that turning on Central User Mgt in the IS should make MWS directory services available seamlessly without extra role work.)


I am also facing the same problem. I could able to connect the LDAP with MWS.

From IS , using central User Mgmt i have connected to MWS.

After that i can see only “system\My webMethods Users” is added to Anonymous ACl.

Could you guide me how to give IS Admin role or Developer role for LDAP Groups .

I couldn’t able to see groups from LDAP when I search the Central provider (to add one to an ACL).