Central User Management

Hello everyone.

We have installed webmethods 8.2.1 on RedHat RHEL 5.5 a few days ago and I keep getting the message “Central User Management Not Configured”.

Since we aren’t really familiar with IS’s admin side I’d like to know where can I get more info about this matter.

We are also getting “access denied” messages when we are trying to access business processes and other info on My webMethods Server.

I’ve copied database URL from mws.db.xml to JDBC CentralUsersPool so both IS and MWS are pointing to the same sheme. But it’s still no good.

If anyone can help with this I would really appreciate it.


did you set the Functional Alias Definitions??

Function Name : CentralUsers - Associated Pool Alias : CentralUsersPool’s alias

this needs restart

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