Central User Management Vs LDAP for External Authentication & Authorization

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We need to set up external authentication and authorization by implementing either central user management or LDAP. I need to understand the minimum requirement and procedure to the same, the document help is bit confusing here.


Hi Sanket,

please check the following:

Configure IS to use Central User Management with MWS:

  • Define JDBC Pool for MWS schema and assign to Central User functional alias
  • Check the MWS SAML Resolver URL to point to your MWS.
  • Shutdown and Restart IS once.

In MWS define an additional directory service for your LDAP.

  • Add the Users/Groups to the correct Roles in MWS
  • Assign these Roles to the ACLs in IS.

See MWS Administration Guide and IS Administration Guide for details.


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Thanks a lot Holger…!!!

Would try it out. :smiley: