Can't install hotfixes through remote desktop

Hi Tamino,

Most times it’s not possible to install your hotfixes through the build in remote desktop (windows XP on client and windows 2000 server on Tamino server).

I have the problem again with the hotfix 4 (INS 4.2.1 Tamino Update Kit PC) for Tamino 4.2.1. When I try to install the hotfix through Remote Desktop I get an error message.

If I log on to the server without remote desktop then there’s no problem with installing the hotfix.

It’s a pretty annoying problem; since we have to visit our production server (which is hosted) in order to install the hotfixes. Is there anything we can do to install through remote desktop or a your planning to change your future hotfixes so the are able to install with remote desktop?

Many regards from Ole

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our installation experts say that this a probably more related to the security settings
of the Terminal server session than to the Tamino kits. Often, Terminal Server sessions have less priviledges than “real” sessions with the same user. Could you please check the security settings? (cf. KB843425 etc. in Microsoft Knowledge Base)