can't find inomigutils tool, migration form 3.x to 4x


I try to migrate from tamino 3.1.1 to tamino 4.2.1

My problem is that some TSD2 schema must be converted to TSD3. I found some informations about how to make it but I can’t find the tool called “inomigutils” on my Tamino server.

Tank you for your help


as stated in the Tamino documentation "Upgrading from Tamino 3.1 to Tamino 4.2 is in fact a two-step process: If you want to upgrade from Tamino 3.1 to Tamino 4.2, you need first to upgrade your Tamino 3.1 to Tamino 4.1.4 before upgrading to Tamino 4.2 is possible. Also see the prerequisites described below. Subsequently an upgrade from Tamino 4.1.4 to Tamino 4.2 is performed.