can't edit wm service after disk space fulled

Several days before, our IS server don’t have enought space and we havn’t noticed. Then we realise this problem, we restart the server and delete the log file.
But right now, in developer, some of the service can’t be edited.When I select edit service, there is no program in service window.And there is an error in error com.wm.lang.flow.FlowException: com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [ISC.0042.9325] .
The service is really important and i don’t have the backup.
Does anybody know how to deal with it except writing a new one?
Any does this claused by the space issue?

My guess is that your disk space error lead to corrupted node.ndf or flow.xml files for this Flow service. Copy or rename these files and rename the *.bak files for that service only to attempt to correct this.

Did I mention you need to backup these files first before trying this?


Thanks Mark.
That helped.
But the service i corrected seemd not like the latest version.
How can I got the service save date?
Is it the same with the bak file date?
And also, I find in other normal service folder, there is no such *.bak files.So does that mean only corrupted package will have the *.bak files?
Many thanks.


Each time you edit a Flow service, the bak files are created. They represent the version that existed prior to the one you are working on currently. My guess is that when you ran out of disk space, your server had nowhere to store the current version and was only able to write part of the node.ndf and flow.xml files.


Thank you for ur quick response,Mark.
But, i have a last question.Pls don’t get mad.
Does bak file record the modification history?
Beacuse the service i recovered was really really old,it’s like the first service i was doing, totally different from the version now.
So i think if it record the history, which may explain this situation or is there any other reasons?