can't duplicate success with .NET wrapper

We successfully deployed a web service using the EntireX .NET wrapper. It accesses 2 Natural subroutines – works great. But 1 very big problem.

We cannot duplicate our success on other servers. We got it to work on 1 W2k server, and the other one it does not work on. We ran the runtime setup on both. We can physically ping the server that has that has XBroker on it. But the 2nd server doesn’t even give an error back from the function. The asmx page is there – we can enter in params for the function, but I get no error back. Other functions on the same service DO work that don’t require EntireX (ie they hit Oracle etc).

Any ideas on a way to diagnose exactly WHAT is missing from the 2nd server? I’ve reinstalled EntireX several times on there… And copied over the EXACT same web service (including the bin folder) from the server that is working.

Thanks & sorry for rambling
Jason Shohet 212-863-6481

Hi Jason,
Not knowing Tomcat configuration I have had my nightmare experinced with this as well.
- BTW it has been made far more smooth with version 711 !
My first try would be to see if the xml runtime is actually running under tomcat, try calling directly from a browser:
If working you should get a list of the webservices defined in the “xml-init.xml” file.
- and then I would check my if the mapping file contains the right adresses; no ref to localhost ?!
If not working you probably have a Tomcat setup problem in one of the .properties etc. files
- then check the documentation and readme files !


Sorry I must be somewhere else in my thought.
I thought you were describing the XML-wrapper !
So from the beginning: Have you checked that you have the all the entirex components installed and registrered ?
that you have the (newest?) version of the xml-framework ?

Yes… and I’ve got IIS not Tomcat.
The service works on my machine, which has the full version of EntireX Communicator. But not on the server. Here are a couple questions.

1. In the bin folder, I have the softwareAG runtime dll & runtime xml files. Is there any other dll that should be installed on the server? Or something that needs to be registered? Also I’m doing a manual copying-up process. I just copy the entire service up there, (minus the vti folders). The other web service functions work, just not the SoftwarAG stuff.

I have the original version of the EntireX stuff that came on the cd… is there a new version? Even still, it should work. SOMETHING has got to be different.

Jason Shohet

Sorry again for readin with my head under the arm :wink:
Have you checked that you have the “non” .NET component
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG
It should be registered (at least it is in my installation)
and I also have it in the path.

SHI*%S! are you kidding me. Thats my problem!

So how do I manually deploy, with that file. I have it in the place you specified. Can I just copy it up to the server and put it in the root directory of the site… ??

Wow thanks a lot. I am sure this has to be the problem.

Jason Shohet

Hi Jason,

I have to raise again a warning against simple copy-deployment of the EntireX runtime (see also my reply in the “working! But how to deploy?” thread). If you are just copying you will lack e.g. vital entries in the registry, for example for shared DLLs (erx.dll is such a one) and the like.

Regards, Dietmar.

Hi Dietmar,
I can understand that there are runtime dll’s that have to be there; we installed the EntireX runtimes on the server.

I suppose you are suggesting using VS’s “Copy Project” functionality. There’s 2 issues with that:

1. the server is outside our firewall so its not connected to our network for security reasons. No easy way to access it except going down with the code on a floppy disk or cd :slight_smile:

2. why does EntireX require this? Why can’t the web service site work like other virtual sites – everything necessary is in the BIN directory. What does copying it up using VS’s utility do that manually coping does not.

I guess I’m trying to get thru the smoke-and-mirrors, and also figure a way how to deploy this without telling the network guys that they have to take down our outward-facing server and connect it to our internal network, just so I can use some VS utility to copy up the web service site :slight_smile:

I’ll do it if I have to but I’m hoping for a manual way to do it(?)

Thanks again
Jason Shohet

Also, the ERX.DLL is not in
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG on the server. And I put on the mini-runtime. Apparently it doesn’t put it there automatically.

I also copied up the site using VS.NET. And it didn’t put the file there either. So I’m wondering, just how the ERX.DLL file gets there. If the EntireX runtime install doesn’t put it there, and copying up the web service doesn’t put it there… I can copy it manually but then it prob. wouldn’t be registered.

Jason Shohet

sorry my appologies the erx.dll is there in the common files / softwareAG folder on that server. But I don’t have it in the folder of the project… perhaps it needs to be thee too (ie by adding it to the project references somehow?).