EntireX web service -- not ready for prime time

Searching the CD, we cannot find any instructions how to deploy this thing. Even doing a search on ERX.dll on the SoftwareAG site does not produce any documentation.

I have told our CIO that:

1. We were not able to develop a repeatable process for deploying the product.
2. We have not been able to even locate documentation on deploying in an ASP.NET environment.
3. Few people provide answers in the AG support forum (Dietmar, Theo) and I suspect we’re one of the very few users of the ws wrapper product.
4. That based on all the above the product may not be ready for prime time.

Hi Jason,

It looks like “DLL hell” stroke back again…

I’d like to fully understand the problem with the Web service deployment in order to be able to help finding a solution. Maybe you want to give it another try.

The installation of the EntireX runtime on a target system makes sure that a .NET application using the .NET Wrapper runtime (deployed with the application) will find all required EntireX runtime DLLs (erx.dll and others). I’ve re-verified this on my system and it works. Can you check on your target system whether the DLLs in “\Program Files\Common Files\Software AG”
are accessible by the loader? (Please have a look at the PATH variable.)

Some explanation on the points you raised:

This forum is a discussion forum. Its main focus is to provide users with a platform for exchanging experiences. For support issues Software AG’s Customer Support Center can be contacted. Also, this discussion forum is quite new, that may explain why there is not massive mail traffic yet.

Regards, Dietmar.