Cannot see IS Users on MWS.

Hi there experts,

I’m faced with an issue where I am trying to configure central user management so that the Users I see on the IS Admin Console are also visible on the MWS but that is not happening.

I’ve made sure the Central Users Pool on the IS Admin Console points to the same DB as MWS’s. And it says Central User Management configured.

Ive added an ACL called TNMWSUser and added the following groups:
system/TN Administrators
system/TN MWS Users

Am I missing something here folks? I know there are other posts out there but Im simply unable to wrap my head around this issue and im unable to see the IS users in MWS.
Please help !
FYI IS is v.7.1.2(SOLARIS) and MWS is 7.1.2 on RHL.

Your help and assistance is monumentally appreciated.
-Scooby !

Am I missing any fixes?

This is what we currently have on the IS.



Can you try to apply the below fixes

  1. MWS_7-1-2_Fix10 and MWS_7-1-2_CL_Fix10.

Whenever MWS drops Ldap connectivity, MWS role configuration lost. This fix will address this issue. May be it will be helpfull for you.

Hey there Jeevan Thanks for the pointer my man !
Appreciate it , ill give it a shot and lets see how it behaves after its gone.
Ill post results.
Do you know if
MWS_7-1-2_Fix11 and MWS_7-1-2_CL_Fix12 superseded MWS_7-1-2_Fix10 and MWS_7-1-2_CL_Fix10.?
do we need to install MWS_7-1-2_Fix10 and MWS_7-1-2_CL_Fix10 before MWS-11 and MWS-CL-12 FIXES?

IS users are local to IS, and will not be visible from MWS.

On IS you configure ACL’s , and on the ACL’s you can grant privileges to groups/roles from MWS.

Doesnt central user management ( non LDAP) help you do that?
So we could have the same set of users available on MWS & IS at the same time?
What Im trying to do is add the User in IS and see the same user in MWS.

When you setup Central Users, you want to do the opposite. In other words, you should create your users in MWS instead (or in the directory service hooked up to MWS if, for example, you’re using LDAP) and assign them to specific MWS roles. In the IS, you would simply add those MWS roles to the appropriate ACLs as suggested by DevNull43 above.

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first apply the dependent fix MWS-CL-12 then go for MWS_7-1-2_Fix11.
Its one of the approach only.
2. Another approach suggested by DevNull . It will also helpfull for resolving that Issue. Can you post the detail once it is resovled