cannot create new document type in TN Console

I am using TNconsole 8.0.1. I can not create new document type in TN console. Please help. Urgent!

are you getting some error?

What is the error details you are seeing and in logs?


There is no any error.

I found one solution RMG povided before:

To view/edit the EDI files in TA, pls follow these steps:

1)Copy the editn.jar file into TNConsole/lib directory.

2)Open the TnConsole/bin/console.bat file and edit the line
SET ClASSPATH = and add this %CONSOLEDIR%\lib\editn.jar; and save it.

3)Restart the TNConsole.

But where can I have editn.jar file? I can not find on my IS8.0 server.

Thank you.


Are you facing issue with XML doc type or EDI doc type?


Step1: Open TNconsole8.0
Step2: Go to View->DocumentTypes
Step3: Click new icon

I can not see any submenu.

If I go to click duplicated button, I got the error"Cannot duplicate this document type "

I need one XML sample document. But I don’t know how to create. I have been blocked by this issue for long time. Please help.