Cannot connect to the runnung Integration server

Hello everybody. Now i am installing webMethods 7.1 suite and configuring it.
Since i have installed 2 instances of IS and MWD in WM Administrator panel cannot verify connecion
it says the request id is too large. (because of GET with many parameters)
the following error appears:
“Request-URI Too Large
The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server”
Maybe someone have any idea

Hi Alexander,

I haven’t faced this problem but I would suggest you to check if all the latest fixes are installed for that version of product and also do check the empower issues repository for known issues.

Hope that gives you some pointers on how to proceed.



Correct me if I am wrong.

I see that you have installed two IS and MWS.

Questions to you:

1> Are you able to access IS1 and IS2?
2> Are you able to access MWS1 and MWS2?
3> Is the db configured (DB configuration, JDBC pool etc)?
4> When are you getting this error "“Request-URI Too Large
The requested URL’s length exceeds the capacity limit for this server” "

Can you tell us something more on your issue here. I will try to suggest something.

Answers to the questions

  1. I am able to acsess to IS1 and IS2 though the standart admin panel though i do not see them in the installed components of MWS
  2. I have only one MWS and i have an acsess to this server
  3. I habe confiured database fo IS and WMS, using default db_congurator
  4. I am getting it when i press check server status button

How are you bringing up the MWS after your installed and initial run? run.bat or

Did you check the mws.db.xml config file has the correct connection params and db info?


I am using webMethods 7.1
it does not have run.bat or
only that i have run
So i ran it.
the connection to the databes is ok while it cannot start with it.
though some external connections are not yet setup

I am trying to find out what the issue could be. I have never come across such a error in my experience.

To give it a try can you restart IS and MWS and let me know the results.

i have already done it … the result is the same

:slight_smile: share us the MWS logs. Kindly attach it.

Can you check the MWS logs and see whats going on (full.log) and post the exact error details?