Hi all,
I have one querry, Thing is one partner asking to send the data in excel or html format. Is there any posibility to write some programm which creates the excel file or html file. So that they will directly load into the webpage.

If there is any other way could some please help me.


Hi Ravi,
There is no direct way to create an Excel output but very easy to create a CSV in IS. The CSV files can easily be opened by your partner using MS Excel and can be saved as *.xls file.

Also, XML is more suitable standard for the B2B data transfer. Then why your partner wants you to send it as HTML?


Using HTML they will directly place into the website. That is much easy for them. Right now we are implementing automatic process. So because of that reason they want the Excel or HTML format.

Could some please help me.

Did your partner specify what html format they want the data in?

Can you send them your data as follows?

  • Bhawesh.


As Bhawesh suggested, you can easily create a csv file with your output data, which can later be opened by excel, however, if you want to have the output as an HTML, you can use services in the folder to run a predefined html template on your output and produce html text.

Hope this helps, Rohit

If it were me, I would not offer to send the data in HTML. That is a non-standard BAD IDEA.

A more standard approach would be to post the data to your partner in an XML file that you create based on a XML schema that both parties agree to.

Create the schema in XML Spy or your favorite XML schema editor, add reasonable content constraints and then review it with your partner. The XSD become the contract between you as to what you will be sending and can be validated on either side.

Post the XML document which adheres to the schema to your partner via pub.client:http.

Flat files (CSV’s) are certainly an option, but if the partner can process an HTML document, they can probably handle XML and you both will benefit from an verifiable, agreed upon structure.