Can not open the MWS web http://localhost:8585/

I install WebMethod 10.3 version free trial on windows 10 operating system and Sotware AG my webmethod server 10.3(default)(1) service started. But, the web http://localhost:8585/ shows can not be displayed.

I looked for the log files at location : C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\server\default\logs , but errors.xml does not have any error.

Please suggest.

There are some configurations you might be missing.

1> Run DCC and install the product/component for MWS
2> Bring the IS up and make sure the WmMonitor home page is configured with correct details of MWS
3> Check users, groups and acls if you see all MWS releated artifacts
4> Go to user management and check if Central User is configured.
5> Check SAML url on the settings>resources page

Hi Neeraj Kumar,

Could you please attach MWS full log if possible.

any exceptions in _full_log?


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Were you able to resolve your startup issue? For a new install startup process takes substantial time loading & initializing all the OSGI packages. Check you wrapper.log for Inside activate() statement. That is when you should be able to login to port 8585.

Hope you didn’t changed the default port while installing the server.

Can you enable tcp/ip and Name Pipes if using SQL Server,
Then execute Database Component Configurator (DCC) component and product. => Start services My Webmethod please waiting about 5 min services start complete.