Can ffdata be submitted to service via FTP using MPUT command?

wM 8.2. I have a service that accepts data via FTP PUT command and routes document to TN, but am unable to get the same to work with MPUT command. I don’t know if the FTP MPUT command is being entered incorrectly or if wM flat file processing simply does not handle MPUT. Client is logging in and entering CD ns/package/serviceName. then MPUT localFileName remoteFileName;application:x-wmflatfile. The confusion seems to be how to enter the remoteFileName and application parameters.


this seems to be bit consuming. MPUT is used to send data to FTP server. for receive you should use MGET or GET.

Hi Mangat, thanks for your response.

We are trying to replace the GET with the PUT in order to speed up processing.

I modified it to use FTP as described in Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide Version 8.2:

“You can FTP a flat file to the Integration Server’s FTP listening port. When the Integration Server receives a flat file on the FTP listening port, it passes it as an InputStream to the service in the directory to which the file was FTP’d.”

We are already using this FTP method successfully for other interfaces with PUT, but this is our first attempt to use it with MPUT.